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140mm Fickert abrasive silicon carbide wires brush for grinding ceramic or porcelain tiles 240# 320# 400# 600#

Short Description:

This 140mm length silicon carbide fickert brush is designed for polishing ceramic (porcelain) tile, mainly just deburring, the finished surface is achieving matte aged appearance.

Main materials: 25-28% silicon carbide grains + nylon PA610

Applicable machine: ceramic continuous automatic polishing line (water grinding)

Grit: 180# 240# 320# 400# 600#

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The character of this fickert abrasive brush is the silicon carbide wires distributed evenly in the plastic mounting which is enable to grind the ceramic tile surface average, meanwhile the gaps between each square wires bundles accelerate the waste residue outflow easily with water.

It is sharp but won’t occur scratch while grinding and has longer life time, which is cost-effective consumables and one of the most hot selling products in industry.


The 140mm fickert brushes are widely installed on ceramic automatic polishing line, usually one polishing head will be installed 6 pieces of them. Usually the ceramic tiles with texture will require this fickert silicon carbide brush to deburr and obtain the antique effect, the glossiness is with 5-15 matte gloss.

Grit: 180# 240# 320# 400# 600# 800#

svf (1) svf (2)


Length 132mm * width 73mm * height 55mm
Wires length: 30mm
Main material: 25-28% silicon carbide grain + nylon 610
Material of mounting: plastic
Fixing type: adhesive (glued fixing)
Grit and diameter

svf (3)


(1) sharp: the wires with silicon carbide grains are aggressive and sharp to remove the softer particles meanwhile enhancing the glossiness of hard parts, smooth the texture and make the hand feeling more comfortable.

(2)good resilience: the wavy design of silicon wires are capable to bound back easily after being bend under big pressure of polishing head.

(3)long life time: the brushes could be used to the very end, the residue is about 3mm, the average life time is longer 2-3 hours than other consumables.

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