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T1 L140mm Metal bond diamond fickert abrasive brick for polishing granite stones

Short Description:

Metal bond diamond fickert is a type of abrasive tool used in the stone processing industry, particularly for grinding and polishing granite, marble, and other natural stone surfaces.

Dimension: 140*55*42mm

Grit: 36# 46# 60# 80# 120# 180# 240# 320#

Materials: consist of a metal body with diamond particles embedded in the metal matrix.

The metal bond provides a strong and durable bond between the diamond particles and the tool body. The diamond particles act as the abrasive material, allowing the fickert to effectively grind and polish the stone surface. Its life time is more than 70 times than normal silicon abrasive.

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These diamond fickerts are commonly used in continuous automatic polishing machines for large-scale stone processing operations. They are known for their high grinding efficiency, long lifespan, and ability to produce a smooth and polished finish on stone surfaces.

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• Materials: metal bond + diamond grains

• Dimension: 140*55*42mm

• Working thickness: 16mm

• Grit: 36# 46# 60# 80# 120# 180# 240# 320#

• Application: for polishing granite slabs and other natural stones


Long Lifespan: Metal bond diamond fickerts are highly durable and long-lasting compared to other types of abrasive tools. The metal bond provides excellent retention of the diamond particles, preventing premature wear and ensuring a consistent cutting performance over time. This extended lifespan helps reduce tool replacement costs and downtime.

Reduced Chipping and Scratching: Metal bond diamond fickerts are designed to minimize chipping and scratching of the stone surface during grinding and polishing. The carefully selected diamond grit size and the even distribution of the diamond particles help ensure a controlled and smooth material removal process, minimizing the risk of surface damage.


Do you have a minimum order quantity (MOQ) ?

Normally there’s no quantity limited, but if for samples testing, we do suggest you take the enough quantity so you can obtain the desired effect.

What’s the average lead time ?

For examples, our production capacity for abrasive brushes is 8000 pieces per day. If goods are in stock, we will send out within 1-2 days, if out of stock, production time might be 5-7 days, because the new orders have to wait in line, but we will try our best to deliver ASAP.

What’s the package and dimension ?

L140mm Fickert brush: 24 pieces / carton, G.W.: 6.5KG/carton(30x29x18cm)

L170mm Fickert brush: 24 pieces / carton, G.W.: 7.5KG/carton(34.5x29x17.4cm)

Frankfurt brush: 36 pieces / carton, G.W.: 9.5KG/carton(43x28.5x16cm)

Non-woven nylon fiber:
140mm is 36 pieces / carton,G.W.: 5.5KG/carton (30x29x18cm);
170mm is 24 pieces / carton,G.W.: 4.5KG/carton (30x29x18cm);

Terrazzo frankfurt magnesite oxide abrasive : 36 pieces / carton, G.W.: 22kgs / carton (40×28×16.5cm)

Marble frankfurt magnesite oxide abrasive : 36 pieces / carton, G.W.: 19kgs / carton (39×28×16.5cm)

Terrazzo resin bond frankfurt abrasive : 36 pieces / carton, G.W.: 18kgs / carton (40×28×16.5cm)

Marble resin bond frankfurt abrasive : 36 pieces / carton, G.W.: 16kgs / carton (39×28×16.5cm)

Cleaner 01# abrasive : 36 pieces / carton, G.W.: 16kgs / carton (39×28×16.5cm)

5-extra / 10-extra oxalic acid frankfurt abrasive: 36 pieces / carton, G.W.: 22. 5kgs / carton (43×28×16cm)

L140 Lux fickert abrasive: 24 pieces / carton, G.W.: 19kgs / carton ( 41×27×14. 5cm)

L140mm Fickert magnesium abrasive: 24pieces / carton ,G.W.: 20kgs / carton

L170mm Fickert magnesium abrasive: 18 pieces / carton ,G.W.: 19.5kgs / carton

Round brush / abrasive will depend on the quantity , so please confirm with our service.

What’s the payment term ?

We accept T/T, Western Union, L/C (30% down payment) against original B/L.

How many year of warranty ?

These abrasive tools are consumable commodities, normally we support refund within 3 months if any defective issue(which normally won’t happen). Please make sure keep the abrasive in dry and cool circumstance, in theory, the validity is 2-3 years. We suggest that clients purchase enough consumption for three months of production, rather than stocking too much at one time.

Do you support customization ?

Yes, we can customize the goods as per your drawing, but it will involve mould fee and require bulk quantity. Mould time will takes 30-40 days normally.

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