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Granite quartz tools fickert diamond antique brush with nylon wires for processing aged appearance

Short Description:

Dimension: L168*W72*H60mm

Diamond brush is very strong and aggressive to deform the stone to aged appearance.

Grit: 24# 36# 46# 60# 80# 120# 180# 240# 320# 400# 600# 800#

Fickert shape brush are widely used on granite or quartz continuous automatic polishing machine, the whole grinding process is with water.

Product Detail

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Product introduction

Diamond wires materials: PA612 nylon + 20% diamond grains +carbon fiber + high temperature resisting additive

Length of working wires: 30mm or customization as per clients’ requirement

Finished effect: the finished granite or cement quartz is with antique finish (aged appearance).

Sequence of grains

Rough grinding: 24# 36# 46# 60# 80# destroy the stone surface and deform the concave and convex effect
Medium grinding: 120# 180# 240# remove the scratch occurred by last process
Smooth grinding: 320# 400# 600# for enhancing the glossiness
Fine grinding: 800# 1000# 1200# achieving the desired glossiness and antique finish

Advantage: sharp and aggressive, good resilience,dispersed wires are good for evenly grinding stone surface to achieve antique / leather/ litchi surface.


The fickert abrasive brush are usually applied on granite or quartz automatic polishing machine to process aged appearance effect, it will remove the soft part and the hardness part is still ( this is where concave and convex effect comes from).

asvgsb (1)

asvgsb (2)


Length 168mm * width 72mm * height 60mm
Wires length: 30mm
Main material: 20% diamond grain + PA612
Material of mounting: plastic
Fixing type: adhesive (glued fixing)
Grit and diameter

asvgsb (3)


Diamond fickert abrasive brush has longer life time and are more aggressive for grinding various kind of stone surface to achieve aged appearance effect (antique surface), the slabs with antique surface is anti-slip and without light pollution.

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