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What’s advantage of matte finishing surface and how to make it

What’s the advantage of matte finishing stone ?

Public spaces such as parks, walkways, plazas, airport, railway station,museum,and outdoor public facilities often use matte finishing slabs for their pavement or surfacing.

Matte finishing on stones can provide a more elegant and sophisticated look to public occasions. When stones have a matte finish, they do not reflect as much light and thus do not appear as glossy or shiny as stones with a polished finish. Make people feel more relax and comfortable, more feel like in natural environment.

Also, matte finishes tend to hide small scratches and blemishes better than polished finishes, making the stone appear cleaner and newer for a longer amount of time.Shiny stones are more prone to scratches and damage, while matte stones do not show damage as readily. This means that scratches and blemishes are less noticeable on matte stones, which can help maintain the appearance of the stone over time.

Additionally, matte finished stones are less slippery, making them more suitable for outdoor spaces or areas that experience high traffic which is potential to get wet or slippery.This makes them much safer to walk on, especially when conditions are damp or wet.


How to process artificial quartz with matte surface ?

Requirement: matte and convex & concave surface as below picture, glossiness should be controlled between 6°~30°.

Machine: continuous automatic polishing line.

1.Processing technology:

Calibrating to specified thickness(diamond segment) + rough polishing(applying metal bond diamond fickert or magnesite abrasive 24# 36# 46# 60# 80#) + diamond / silicon carbide abrasive brush


2.Sequence of fickert abrasive brushes

A. Fickert Diamond Brush for rough polishing 24# 36# 46# 60# 80#

B.Fickert Silicon Carbide Brush for medium polishing 120# 180# 240# 320# 400# 600#


 If it is the first time to use abrasive brushes, various models should be tested and selected according to the type of stone and the grinding effect to be achieved.

Post time: Apr-24-2023